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  • OSORIO Engenharia is a Brazilian company founded on June 2018 with objective to attend the different branches of industry, by offering through CDEC division, a unique and very specialized engineering job in composite materials and hybrids. We are able to participate of R&D projects and also programs on development, from its conception phase to the manufactured part, including design and fabrication of necessary tooling. Independently if technology is hand layup, resin infusion or automated, our team has a lot of knowledge and experience to work on. CDEC’s senior managers have decades of experience on aerospace at EMBRAER and they are recognized globally as technical authorities on its respective disciplines. CDEC’s technical staff is completed by young engineers totally compromised with innovation projects and company values. OSORIO has followed, since its foundation, the most rigid ethics code, so as, the best compliance practices.

  • To become a engineering global player in the field of composites, metallics and nanomaterials, with high credibility in the market, by working effectively and reliably to provide our customer with the most appropriate solution, in order to add more value to the end product.

  • To provide our customer with innovative, efficient and socio environmental commitment engineering solutions, in the field of nanomaterials, composites and metallic materials.

  • CDEC’s multidisciplinary team merges decades of experience on composite material applications, specially on aeronautical industry, at EMBRAER.

  • Senior engineers responding as Heads of Structural Design, Structural Analysis, Materials Engineering, Tooling Design, Processes and Manufacturing;

  • Technical references, known at EMBRAER and other companies in the globe;

  • Co-authors of projects protected by patent;

  • Master’s and Doctorate members;

  • Designated Engineering Representatives by ANAC (Brazilian Certification Authority) as PCP’s for Structures and Materials Engineering;

  • Project Management Specialist, accredited by PMI - Project Management Institute;

  • Young engineers totally committed with projects and values of the Company.

        CDEC staff members have extensive experience on:

  • R&D Projects and product integrated development “Design for Manufacturing”

  • System modernization and substitution of metallic components for composites;

  • Structural design (composite and metallic), surface generation, technical interfaces, dimensional and geometrical tolerances, aircraft interior, mechanisms, parts material list and hardwares spcification;

  • Aircraft structural certification – ANAC, FAA, EASA – FAR Part 23 and 25;

  • Static, fatigue, damage tolerance and structural repair analysis;

  • Ballistic Protection for defense aviation;

  • Static and fatigue test and flight test campaign;

  • Supplier procurement and qualification for tooling and product manufacturing;

  • Aeronautical Culture, as practiced by the biggest companies.

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