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            It is a transparent material, extremely thin (as narrow as possible), very light (0.77 milligrams per square meter), impermeable, elastic, flexible and at the same time astoundingly resistant. Graphene is the best known conductor of electricity and, in addition, exists in abundance in nature.

                 Graphene is a flat sheet of carbon atoms (only one atom thick) arranged in a hexagonal crystal structure (see figure below). It is obtained from the natural graphite that is extracted from the coal mines and with what are made, for example, pencils or car brakes.


Every day, more applications are discovered for Graphene, including:

  • Aerospace and Automobile (composite materials, batteries, addictive manufacturing);

  • 3D impression / Powder metallurgy;

  • Sports materials;

  • Medicine (equipments and prostheses);

  • Odontologie (Endodontics and prostheses);

  • Building (concrete);

  • Super-capacitors;

  • Powerful solar panels;

  • Hard drives capable of storing 1000 times more information;

  • OLED Televisions.

            The introduction of Graphene has the objective to improve structural, thermal and electrical performance, as well as, to increase the operating life of the most diverse elements and systems, as batteries, composites, ballistic protection, paint, break devices, tires, asphalt, concrete and many other applications.


            OSORIO Engenharia and GRAPHEN Pesquisa e Tecnologia, (a large scale graphene producer), are both currently involved on several application development projects, aimed at attending the specific needs of clients, with a high level team of researchers and specialists


            OSORIO Engenharia is the also the official distributor of GRAPHEN Pesquisa e Tecnologia for Graphene. We offer to the client:

  • Direct sale of Graphene and Graphene Oxide;

  • Samples for testing and technical support (under agreed terms);

  • Partnership for development of application.

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